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Earn Money with Google Adsense. Step By Step Guide.

I got thousands of inquiry about creating a blog like me and earn money. I recently got a cheque by google. Nice program to earn money by sharing some useful info.
As I promised. Today i am going to post the step by step guide about :

1. How to create a blog.
2. How to earn from that blog.
3. How to sign in with Google Adsense without any harrash and difficulties.
4. How to get money.
5. How to bring more and more traffic to your blog to earn more & more.

:::::::::: Step by Step guide is here ::::::::::

=> Create a new and fresh account in Gmail (specially for your adsense. Use only this account during registration with google adsense and blogger, check the below steps)

=> Go to www.blogger.com and enter your gmail id password, blogger is powered by Google so you can login in blogger via gmail id.

=> Choose the name of blog and create.(Example : myblog.blogspot.com)
Select any template you like. If you want to post something then create a new post and write whatever you want. (its optional )

Now your website is ready and you need ads in your website. You need to register with google adsense now.

You can use my refferal link situated in the left side bar ( blue colored box )

Now when you are in signup screen. Don't enter your id & password now, you can enter it during registration. Click on a big " SIGN UP NOW" button on the right upper corner.

=> In registration form,

· Enter the blog name your created at blogger.com ( Ex. myblog.blogspot.com )
· Select your language.
· Account type - Individual
· Payee Name - Enter your real full name. ( cheques will be sent by this name only, Fill it properly as you will not change it afterwards)
· Street Address - Enter your real address, you can change it later too.
· Fill other details.
· Policies - Read all the policies, as google is very strict about their terms and policies. Tick all the boxes and accept it.
· Click on Submit Information.

Now your registration is over.

=> Wait for 24/48 hours for your account approval.

=> After 24 hours go to www.google.com/adsense and enter your ID & Pass.

=> Follow below steps to setup your google adsense account :

Google AdSense Online Standard Terms and Conditions
Read the terms and conditions carefully as i again repeat google is very strict about their terms and conditions.

=> check the box and click on i accept.

You will see the home page of your adsense account.

( Note that red rectangle in the upper right corner )

You will see this message there.

Your payments are currently on hold. Action is required to release payment. More details.

=> Click on More details.

=> click on Please submit your Tax information

=> Click on Submit your information now.

(if you are not in USA... for example if you are in india then follow the steps below )

it will ask -

Are you a U.S. citizen, U.S. resident alien, U.S. corporation, or a U.S. partnership?

=> Click NO

Do you own equipment in the U.S. related to your participation in AdSense?

=> Click No

Do you have employees in the U.S. related to your participation in AdSense?

=> Click No

=> Click Continue >>

In the next page write down the same payee name(your name) you entered while registration, google will consider it as your signature.

=> Click on Submit Information.

You will see Thank You page.

=> Now click on Reports menu (upper left corner of the page)

=> Again ( Note that red rectangle in the upper right corner )

You will see this message there.

Your payments are currently on hold. Action is required to release payment. More details.

=> Click on More details

=> Click on Please select or verify a form of payment

On the next page select the payment mode. I recommend to select first optioin

(check-standard delivery, as it is free. You can also select express delivery option.)

=> Click Continue >>

On the next page select the payment currency

i recommend to select Indian rupee (INR) if you are in India. As it is easy to submit the

check to your bank and clearing.

=> Click on save changes.

Now you are almost done and ready to put ads on your site and start earning money.

=> Click on Adsense Setup

=> Click on Adsense for content

=> Click single page select your ad unit

Choose your ad format ( see the examples here https://www.google.com/adsense/adformats )

Ad a channel to track your ads performance (ad channel example- top of the page, left pane)

Html Code is generated now.

=> Click anywhere in code box and copy the whole code.

=> Now open blogger.com

=> log in with your gmail id and password

=> Click on layout
Page elements will be open

=> Click on add a Page element (where you want to put your ad)
New window will pop up
You will find something like this there - HTML/JavaScript
Add third-party functionality or other code to your blog.
Add To Blog

=> Click on Add to blog

=> Paste the code here you copied from google adsene.

=> Click on save changes

=> Open your blog in new window and refresh it. See the changes.

=> If you like it then its ok. or if you need changes you can do it with blogger page element.

You can even drag and drop the elements of the page wherever you want. its very easy.

You are done now.

You can post -
maximum 3 banner(content ads) on each page of your blog (horizontal or vertical)
maximum 3 link unit on each page
maximum 2 google search on each page
maximum 3 referral units on each page. ( you can put google adsense, google adwords, google pack, firefox all in one page only once)

Last step : when your account reaches at $50. Google will send you a letter via courier including a pin number to verify your address. It will take 7 to 15 days to reach at your home in india. After receiving that letter, enter the pin in your google adsense account.

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